Certified trademark attorney

The profession of of trademark attorney is comparable to that of a patent attorney, accountant or lawyer. After all, your trademark attorney also handles confidential information and you must be able to assume that your attorney has sufficient knowledge of trademark law and the relevant case law. Contrary to the professions mentioned above, a Benelux or EU trademark Attorney is not a recognised profession. This gives the opportunity to people who do not have sufficient knowledge or experience to call themselves trademark attorneys.

The BMM Certified Trademark Attorney  is a quality mark for trademark attorneys. This quality mark was created by BMM (Benelux Association for Trademark and Design Law).

BMM Certified Trademark Attorney may only be used by BMM members who have at least three years of relevant work experience and who have successfully passed the BMM examination. The BMM quality mark gives consumers and companies the certainty that the trademark attorney, who carries this quality mark, has the necessary knowledge, training and experience to be able to adequately advise on the research, registration and enforcement of trademarks and designs. The founder of MerkWerk, Ivo Haaijer, is BMM Certified trademark attorney.

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